Says Yoda, he does – With you, the force shall be

Bring to you news, I do tonight. Not any exciting news, that is. About my tiring day, this news is. Just getting better from a flu, I was, when as usual, to office, I had to venture. Decided for a team lunch today, my boss had. Traditional, the food at this restaurant called ‘The Village’ was.

Back to the office it was then, an hour later. Free lunch in the tummy, loaded with work I was. Won’t let me keep my eyes open, the food inside of me; but on my head all the time, the boss was. Slogging for hours, then I was, when eventually finished the all that work was. Looked up and 10 on the clock it was. Skipped the dinner was. Tonight, the lunch it shall be, happy that keeps the tummy.

Finally, home I was. Had decided to study, I had; but taken its toll, the day had. On the tele, played football they did; and rather gave up studying to watch I did. Time to write the blog it was then, when Master Yoda, came to me he did. Said to me he did – Enjoy life shall you, you geezer. Share my message, you will. With you, the force shall be then.

Not bash me for this post, you shall. Came out of a tired mind, it did. Make more sense, I shall tomorrow.


That idiom literally translates to “To reform and begin again, a fresh start” and that is exactly how I feel about tonight. There had been far too many weekends, endless Saturday nights which had been wasted in a drunken haze, or as it was justified, in stress-busting. But this was a unique Saturday, one which hopefully signifies a change for the good.

To begin with, it was an early morning start. Believe me, that itself is a rarity, and I’m not talking only about the weekends, I usually start really late on all days, I really do. It was followed by a very useful couple of hours of studying for the upcoming GMAT. A massive three course “Marathi Thali” was for lunch. Now, I’m not a big fan of Marathi cuisine, but the food at Shreyas (here in Pune) was sufficiently satisfying for it to be mentioned here. Anyways, on my way back, I got into this discussion with my friend, on the pros and cons of getting an MBA degree; knowing that we were both of the consensus that eventually even an MBA would lead to a similar “White-collared labour” situation. He brought up the necessity for working on one’s own projects in order to break the shackles and as one thing led to another; I was discussing my father’s persistent habit of bringing up start-up ideas and then not really going anywhere with them. The stage where my dad would always give up would be at deciding names for the supposed website for his plans.

I had been discussing a couple of my “vices” sometime back. I guess another would have to be the fact that I’m usually very fickle. It’s like; I would suddenly have this great zeal for working towards something, and then another morning I could wake up, and be totally uninterested. I’ve always been like that, and maybe I get that from my dad. So here I was, fresh from this discussion on making my own way, and about how my father had always encouraged me at it, yet there was nothing to show from either of us. I came home, and started researching the various options for creating a website. I finally chose godaddy for the hosting. And so here I am tonight, the owner of my very first website – Yes it is work in progress, but I really hope it works out.

My dad was really excited with the prospect of us finally getting started with something, and I would be talking more about the idea behind safalmantra in my coming posts. For now, let’s just say, it’s an honest attempt at helping the youth discover the best options towards a better tomorrow.

As promised, I will also be updating the Causes section highlighting the need for responsible drinking with a special mention of groups that have been actively working towards the same.

Happy reading !

30 minutes or free ( well apparently not )

I ordered in pizzas from Domino’s last night. Being at a friend’s place, I gave the guy on the phone my friends’ address, and asked him to repeat it clearly. After all the confirmations, 25 minutes later i got a call, where the delivery guy asks me if I’m not home. I asked where he was delivering, because I had clearly asked him to deliver at my friend’s place. The guy had gone to my place instead. Eventually, after the entire episode, the pizza guy came over about 50 minutes from the order time. We asked for the free guarantee on the pizzas. But lo ! there’s apparently conditions on the “pizza aiyo free”.


Apparently the maximum Domino’s liability is Rs. 300. So, if your order was above the value, you are only entitled to a discount of the same amount. I can understand the other conditions applied, for e.g. not applicable on festivals, or if the operating conditions are not suitable; but, when, as in this case, the mistake is on the company’s side, and given the way they aggressively go all out with their Free Pizza campaign, it was extremely appalling, when the manager simply asked his guy to give a 300 bucks discount. I mean what? You guys shout it out aloud everywhere, you hire movie stars who dance to the “pizza aiyo free” , in anticipation of late delivery, but the pizza ain’t actually for free, if you deliver late ! Trust issues people !

Why the campaigning then? I mean, and I notice this everywhere, there’s a lots of claims out there. Brands claim to do a million things, they give guarantees of performance, assurances of durability and all with a small ” * ” appended along. The terms and conditions apply on every damn thing. Agreed, without some of these, the companies would risk huge losses to unscrupulous claims. But just denying your USP bluntly, thats just unfair.

Anyways, I took my pizza, and after lots of argument, simply accepted to the “condition”, but for everyone reading this:

Ta na na na na di, pizza’s not for free