My vices

There’s a couple of things about myself that have been bothering me all day. Here, I’ll just go ahead (I’m also blunt) –

1. I don’t think I smile enough when I see/meet new people. In fact, I don’t usually have a smile for people I know (I’m counting out good friends here). You know those people who are presentable, or likable or that kind; I’m not one of them. I admire them, I try hard to be like them, to have a ready, natural smile for everyone; but I just ain’t one of them. Here’s how it is I think –

So basically once you’ve learnt the art of smiling at everything happening in and around you, good or bad, you are happy.

2. The second thought that bothers me is that I somehow don’t even happen to have a cordial ‘Hello’ or a ‘Good Morning’ or ‘How’ve you been?’ for acquaintances; like those at the office, people I see for almost 10 hours every day. I see others carrying out their simple courtesies everyday, but I just don’t seem to be able to put the good words together. Heck, I don’t even even have a polite reply when people wish me !


 Do you suffer as I do ?


One comment on “My vices

  1. Almost every time when i’m cynical about every little thing around me. And i hope or perhaps assume that it’s very common with everyone. But what you have quoted is something i liked. It’s true that when we’re happy from within we find happiness around all the time. The moment we start cribbing about our own lives we face this unhappy state of mind everywhere. At this, i actually feel like saying “been there, done that” (smiles) I’ve personally noticed one of my friends at this. What ever situation it may be she’ll always put up that big smile and lively words to win the race. And Yes, she always stood the best by conducting her life this way. So, now what i prefer is smiling over talking~

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