Chelsea FC Season of 2011/12 – Squad Report

I’ll be profiling all the squad members as build-up to our last game this season.A small matter of a #CL final ! #CFC

Here we go! Petr Cech – 6.5/10 for the seasn.Leaky start to the season,but really solid in the 2nd half,esp in the CL.Still good enough #CFC

Ashley Cole – 7/10 Tiring.Yes.Quick.Yes.Still the best outlet we have on the left & assured as always.Bertrand has a great mentor. #CFC

Bosingwa-As a Sky Sports expert said,he’s good going fwd,but he doesn’t know how to defend! 5/10 Liability.Will start in Munich though #CFC

Ivanovich-As solid as ever in the blue shirt.Never played a game with his heart not in it.As good a RB option as in the center 8/10 #CFC

David Luiz-Had his off days & then great days.One of the match-winners;gets ovr-ambitious at times tho.Many great seasons ahead 6.5/10 #CFC

Gary Cahill-He made the right switch in Jan,& has proved to be very solid,whenever involved.Basically a quicker JT & that helps. 6/10 #CFC

JT-Looked lost under AVB & controvrsy follows him;upswing in his personl form since AVB’s dept evident.Body on the line as always 7/10 #CFC

Bertrand-Impressive whenever he’s had the chance.Quite a way to go filling Cole’s boots but its been the season he broke through 6/10 #CFC

Paolo Ferreira-Largely in the veteran’s club now,scarce appearances but we all love Paolo,determined always.Had useful cameos. 5/10 #CFC

Mikel-Out of favor under AVB & exceptional under RDM.Better going fwd too in recent weeks 6/10 #CFC

Romeu-Lot’ve chances under AVB.Bright to begin with,but erratic as evrything started falling apart.Very rarely used by RDM 5.5/10 #CFC

Essien-Comebck from injury was talked up,but no longr evn hlf the playr he ws aftr recrring injuries.Not in my plans next sesn 3.5/10 #CFC

Malouda-Never like it when he’s on the pitch,which is often.No pace,no creativty,just seems to be in favor with the ‘old guard’ 4/10 #CFC

Lampard-Was open abt his indiff with AVB,performd prtty mch consistntly undr both mgrs tho.Instrumntal in the big games as alwez 7/10 #CFC

Meirelles-Very inconsistant with his passing all sesn,but oozes experience in the big games.Was a panic buy,surely not the soln 6.5/10 #CFC

Mata-The no.10 we were looking for.Excellnt ball control,very creative.Been tired smtimes since he’s been involvd almost evry game 8/10 #CFC

Ramires-Pace,pace & more pace;Rami has been unstoppable all sesn.My player of the year.Contributed imp. goals too 9/10 #CFC

Sturridge-Startd the sesn with pace & enthu;thn it got to his head.Exciting for sesns to come bt has to find team-mates more 7/10 #CFC

Kalou-Thought he had left before he suddenly became a starter under RDM.Most improved player under him & playing more for the team 7/10 #CFC

Lukaku-He was supposed to be “The new Drogba” Looked out of breath as the sesn started & played with the reserves all sesn 4/10 #CFC

Torres-A striker is judged by his goals;he proved more of a hard working playmaker in a team that doesn’t really suit his style 6/10 #CFC

Drogba-Love him,hate him;u jst can’t ignore him;can look very disintrstd in 1 game & carry the entire team the nxt.Big match champ 7/10 #CFC

Turnbull 4/10 Hutchinson 6/10 McEachran 4.5/10 all contributed in their little ways #CFC

Alex 5/10 & Anelka 5.5/10 moved away during the course of the season #CFC

I love you Chelsea FC


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