30 minutes or free ( well apparently not )

I ordered in pizzas from Domino’s last night. Being at a friend’s place, I gave the guy on the phone my friends’ address, and asked him to repeat it clearly. After all the confirmations, 25 minutes later i got a call, where the delivery guy asks me if I’m not home. I asked where he was delivering, because I had clearly asked him to deliver at my friend’s place. The guy had gone to my place instead. Eventually, after the entire episode, the pizza guy came over about 50 minutes from the order time. We asked for the free guarantee on the pizzas. But lo ! there’s apparently conditions on the “pizza aiyo free”.


Apparently the maximum Domino’s liability is Rs. 300. So, if your order was above the value, you are only entitled to a discount of the same amount. I can understand the other conditions applied, for e.g. not applicable on festivals, or if the operating conditions are not suitable; but, when, as in this case, the mistake is on the company’s side, and given the way they aggressively go all out with their Free Pizza campaign, it was extremely appalling, when the manager simply asked his guy to give a 300 bucks discount. I mean what? You guys shout it out aloud everywhere, you hire movie stars who dance to the “pizza aiyo free” , in anticipation of late delivery, but the pizza ain’t actually for free, if you deliver late ! Trust issues people !

Why the campaigning then? I mean, and I notice this everywhere, there’s a lots of claims out there. Brands claim to do a million things, they give guarantees of performance, assurances of durability and all with a small ” * ” appended along. The terms and conditions apply on every damn thing. Agreed, without some of these, the companies would risk huge losses to unscrupulous claims. But just denying your USP bluntly, thats just unfair.

Anyways, I took my pizza, and after lots of argument, simply accepted to the “condition”, but for everyone reading this:

Ta na na na na di, pizza’s not for free


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