Grace Barkha Grace

The Argumentative Indian is a good read, but prolonged argument in self-defence, wherein, even though you might have been misinterpreted, but clearly you had committed a mistake, is a sulk. Barkha Dutt has to understand that just bluntly keeping up the argument isn’t doing her any good; neither is it bringing over any public empathy. The Neeta Radia affair is a mistake she has to take responsibility for, guilty or not !

She might not have had, as she has repeated many times over, any malicious motives; but a mistake of the level it seems to an onlooker, can not to be fought off by making the loudest arguments. And if Barkha doesn’t get why the world is turning in on her, isn’t this exactly what they do to the political leaders, celebrities, sports authorities et al (not that I’m sympathizing), with the slightest sniff of conspiracy, until the concerned are grilled to shame. Public shame is a matter, which cannot be fought off by shouting; it is to be resolved with grace. Admitting to her mistake, whether guilty or not, would be a refreshing change, a step I probably expected someone of her respectability to have come up with straightaway.

Grace Barkha, is what will win you your place back, arguments we’ve already heard a plenty !


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