Why do we fall?

Sometimes you have questions for God, or for whatever power that lurks above, or if neither of those, then just the way things turn out to be.  You question things that you stand for, for everything you believe in, for the good things, the bad things and the grey things, or perhaps just things as they are.

Just stop, stop everything right now, or at a random second of your life. Look around, see where you are, read your own thoughts as they keep popping up, look at the faces, the familiarity, the unfamiliar ones, just close your eyes and see your life on a videotape, and just as the outside noise is cut out and the swarm of people doesn’t exist anymore…just look at you, look at yourself  son. Why are you here? Just marvel the threads that tied and untied, and the connections that got made and undone and why at this moment, this exact drop of time, how did you reach here? Why did you fall?

So that you can rise up again.

Stronger than ever before, harder, softer, wiser, smarter, but more than anything else. Life is every moment you create, it is right now as you read these lines. Whats new today will be old tomorrow, whats fast today will be slow tomorrow. Like Dylan says : The times they are changing.

So you fall, and rise up again, and you fall, so that each time, when you rise up, its a new zeal, its a new day.

So Fall again, Jump again, Run again, Risk again, because when you stand up, you’ll be New again.


3 comments on “Why do we fall?

  1. Great thoughts!!!
    Yep quite right…life’s all about how fast and how well u rise wenever u fall as falling is inevitable and natural…but boy it takes a whole load of u to rise and give it a go again!!!

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