The Forever Mark

My First Tat

( 7/7/9 – Present )


Tattoos: Getting the first

Check out tattoo parlours. Look for these primariy:

1. Clean Environs

2. Experienced/Skilled Artists

3. Safety Measures

4. Appropriate per sq inch rates.

Believe me, it doesn’t hurt much, gives you only a slight scratchy/irritating feeling, and the only reason you begin to call it pain is because getting the whole thing done takes anything between 1 hour to several sittings. Although I must add that every individual has different pain withstanding capabilities. Mine took about 4 hours. Get your design done/ or choose 1 and give the artists a day or two to work on it.

Make your tattoo mean something to you, because its something you’ll carry on yourself as long as you live. Don’t fear the pain, get the ink done.