Now that the 3 day break is doing its last moments, here’s what I’ve been through:

Tropic Thunder: 9/10

How to lose friends and alienate people: 6/10

Dev D: 10/10

Australia: 8/10

Back To The Future -1: 7/10

Cloverfield: 9/10

Kill Bill Vol.1: 10/10

Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels: 8/10


Lost s05e08: 9/10
How I Met Your Mother s04e16: 5/10
Heroes s03e19: 6/10
The Big Bang Theory s02e17: 8/10
Kyle XY s03e09: 6/10
Some of the regular South Park: 6/10

Midnight Movie Syndrome

Here’s something which has been bothering me for the past few months.
I just can’t go to sleep, without the laptop saying goodnight. The problem is that every night when i finally decide to crash for the day, I just have to watch something, however silly it might be, on the laptop to put me to sleep. Off late it’s mostly been comedy sitcoms ( of the 2.5 men, Big Bang genre, or even South Park ), or light flicks.

The obvious drawback has been the late nights- early mornings combo which has resulted in a serious lack of sleep time, and eventually in a dull me ( coz morning dull ain’t good dull, otherwise i’m not lightning anyways ). But the same habit’s a heaven during the holidays ( 😛 ).

Takers anyone? ( Really don’t think i’m alone with the obsession )

Contemplating the Post…

Apologies once again for passing up on the blog for more than 3 months. Thanks to this absence, I’ve now officially become a dormant blogger according to some of the worlds most read blogs. Please read them blooooogs, they’re scribbled upon often enough with the regular supposedly inspirational/self-conscious updates, love their numbers, need your support.

Anyways, its not that i haven’t wanted to write all this time, there has been a lot to write on, things the world has seen, movies that i’ve seen, places I’ve been to, faces I’ve met, and all along I’ve wanted to share the thoughts. Again, I don’t even have excuses to fall back on, its not that I’ve been especially busy, nor have I been isolated from the www.

I can remember many instances when i reached the wordpress homepage, logged in, even worked on the plentiful spam, kept opening all the blogs i read for strictly inspirational purposes, n then eventually closed the browser, promising myself of the effort another time.

Contemplation could be something I could go on ranting about here, but naah, that’d make it boring though. I’m usually casual about things, and dont often give a fuck to most things that happen around me, so hell I if didn’t get the steroids for blog writing, does it really matter.

The fact is blogging has become too much’ve a formality to go back to, and I’m really too lazy to be dressed in my best brain Armanis every now n then to raise the post toast.

Anyhows, this is whats bin happening off late:

1. Lots’ve trance, used to mock Shanky for his trance habits once, now i can’t get the dope out’ve my system.

2.Irritating people’s still on, though the bar’s been raised, I’m now the proud winner of the Best Brag title.

3.Did not, could not go back home this Holi, too bad.

4.Please find me the anti-dope for DOTA, do I really want it?

5.Plan to get up late tomorrow, or rather don’t plan to get up early tomorrow.

PS: 5 ways to screw up a perfect day:

->Attend double RC Jha lectures.

->Fight everyone, esp. those u’re not talking to in person (i.e on calls, the net , etc.)

->Applicable to Tuesdays n Thursdays: Have breakfast in the hostel.

->See your unlucky charm sometime during the day ( though some of my friends have contagious effects, with their grims giving hell to everyone around them as well).

->There’s a fifth way, I never have a perfect day.

( Do I have to fill in the excerpt given below as well? )