Ghajini- Please Forget It in 15 mins….

Ghajini Cover

*Spoiler Alert

The only thing I’ll sincerely advice would be to please click your pic, and write the words ” Myself ” on it, before you go for Aamir Khan’s Ghajini, so that when you come out of the movie, you can refer to it in order to regain your senses. 😛

If you’re taking your brains to the movie hall, please make it forget a certain movie called Memento; and forgetting things won’t be a difficult task; otherwise you might end up with the migraine, to top up the 180+ min runtime.

There’s a funny movie playing, alongside an amnesic thriller, a revenge flick, a women’s rights’ fight, the ever-unbelievable Bollywood love story, along with the best B-flick bad guys Rajanikanth would’ve been proud of bashing up.

Aamir does well with his Sanjay Singhania, atleast when he’s amnesic; though the flashbacks with Asin keep producing incredible story-lines, the most unbelievable being the fact that not a single person recognizes the face of the owner of supposedly the biggest Cellphone company in the country.

Asin makes an impressive debut, acts well, does well with her dialogs, but the dialog-writer(s) were at their woeful best, its almost pointless to have a go at them, coz they were a shambles.

And, finally Mr. Ghajini Dharmatama; how often do we have movies named after the villian-prima. Pradeep Rawat and his bad-gang comes straight out of the B-cult classics (Gunda anyone), and would make the best negative leads for Mithun da. Although, being a part of an immensely immature screenplay, Rawat does make his Mr.Ghajini fearsome to an extent, with a well-pronounced finishing move.

I believe the director forgot why he signed up Jiah Khan.

6/10 for Ghajini

Watch it if you like the unabashed Bollywood. The best part during the movie was probably the 2 min extended trailer of Chandini Chowk to China, hope you have similarly great luck.


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