Bring Back Shin

For all those who, like me kept switching to Hungama looking out for Shin Chan, the bitter pill is that the I&B Ministry has supposedly banned it.

Shinchan was probably the only piece of TV i tuned into when @ home (apart from watevr sports they play all day on the sports channels), and now it’s gone!! I’m looking for online petitions to bring back Shin, n if there isn’t one, I’ll probably try starting one myself here.

For all of us Shin fans, this is a really sad time, so i’ll probably try sharing my view n some memories….

At first, Shin came across as just another cartoon, they show on all those animation channels. My mom ( who’s always a gr8 influence on me, when it comes to TV with all her Travel n Living favs ) insisted that i try watching 1 ep of it. So i gave into her constant banter n tried an episode. What i felt after seeing it was completely new for me…the kid had the weirdest, funniest accent possible, did the most annoying of things, and almost always landed everyone around him into abysmal trouble. He terrorized me into laughing out loud, n i loved every moment of it.

Some of the best quotes i can remember are:

Mom, aap ek bacche churani wali moti budhiya ho

Welcome back! ( instead of ‘main aa gaya’, wen shin arrived home )

Aapne itni kanjusi kahan se seekhi mom?

Mera naam hai Shin Chan Nohara, meri umr paanch saal hai, aur mujhe shimla mirch pasand nahi hai, tumko kya pasand hai? bolo

All this n much more made Shin so special. I can understand why the IB decided to ban it, because it just wasn’t meant for 5 y.o kids, but then it was an awesome hit with 15 n above, whether kids or not. This is the way it’s shown the world over. It’s never a kids’ cartoon, but rather features on the PG-14 or Adult Swim features of anime programming. This is what I’d like the I&B to understand; Bring Shin back with the suitable rating, and for the parents to apply discretion when their kids watch it.

Parents of 5 y.o’s, remember this show isn’t for your kids, but you can go absolute nuts watching it yourself!



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