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Its been a while since i last blogged, but it doesn’t seem as if many missed my views….

So anyways, moving on, what compels me to take the pains today, is the fact that this date (11/08/2008 ) will always be remembered for a very special moment, in my country’s history.

I also remember the date because i lost a loved one, on this very date, 11 years ago.

The glitter of GOLD is not new to Indians, famous for their explicit gold ornaments, and traditional gold based jewelery. But, GOLD associated with sport has been a rarity, that still continues to amaze the +1bn brain exercising Indians.

Why aren’t we so adept at the skill of finishing tops, when it comes to sport?

The primary reason I see, would probably not be the lack of infrastructure, and neither will it be shortage of funds ( though it would be the favorite nominee for secondary reason ), but rather the indifference towards sports. Its more in the mindset of Indians, to be academic, rather than athletic. Hence we may produce some of the most intelligent scientists, the most successful businessmen, the most efficient of economists, and even the best Grand Masters ( chess ), but not world-beating cross-country runners.

Do I see this as a failure on our part?

No, definitely not, we are aces when it comes to the games of the mind ( not necessarily mind games )
, we are the Gold’s there, and that’s what counts, to be among the best, where you thrive to be the best.

So what makes today so remarkable for this nation?

That man ABHINAV BINDRA! I must confess I knew very little of this champion, before 10.30 am today, and still don’t know much of his past exploits..but he’ll always be remembered for what he accomplished today.

He reached heights, no Indian, male or female, had reached before, HE WROTE HIS NAME IN GOLD.

He became the first ever individual Olympic Gold medalist for India, by clinching gold in the 10m Air Rifle event at Beijing. What he has achieved will not be completely justified by my words, & hence I wouldn’t divulge too much into singing laurels.



One comment on “Whats New….

  1. yah well said …..
    it is the attitude of we indians towards sports vich has made things look very difficult ……….
    instead of state governments throwing money on him ,it would be better to have things alligned in a proper way to produce more and more abhinav bindras in cumming years….

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