Jaane Tu….again!

Ok! i kno every1s ready to bash me up for dis…. after the review i gave it, i’m gonna watch Jaane Tu again, this sunday.N dere’s reasons y i hv to contradict myself (talk of a ‘a 1 time dvd watch’, ‘don’t waste 160 bucks lyk i did’)

1. Fame Adlabs ( Raghuleela ) this morning declared an inaugural offer advertising recliner seats for 100 bucks.

2. My mom n sis had more or less made up their minds on watching this muvi despite the warnings.

3. Sunday is a holiday.

4. Dad asked me if i’d come along, n i ws: “sure! if we’re going 4 recliners”

5. I wasn’t there wen he got the tickets, recliners wr all booked upto Tuesday, we wr goin 4 normal billets.

6. I think all de songs r good.

7. I’m not wasting 160 dis tym, jst 60.

N nw u cn LOLLZZZZ me.


3 comments on “Jaane Tu….again!

  1. Probably ’twas better 2 watchthe second time coz i cud switch off most ov the tym, n relive only the funny scenes ( bcoz the rest ov it is amateurish, n i stick by it ), tho i think i gave the remaining frnds in the Jaane Tu group a lil lesser credit than they deserved, so well, they were quite good to complete the act.

  2. Its strange hw ppl’s review change over a fortnight…..newyz its for the good…Ranchi nowdyz mayb a busy place coz of “Bhes Badlo”campaigns bt im sure u’ll find tym out of it 2 complete ur hat-trick viewin dis flick…nd possibly a 3rd review as well..lolzzzzz

  3. arey…i’m not sayin it became a betr muvi da 2nd tym, only dat, i knew wen 2 sleep (most ov the 2nd half) n wen to wake up a lil betr dis tym ’round…

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