The Lonavala Chronicles…

Due to their strong insistance, the identities ov da celebs involved in dis trip haven’t bin revealed, n infact hv bin replaced by even dumber alphabets.

So we finally managed to have the Alibaug-became Karnala( or ws it Karjat )-became Lonavala trip, huh, n no i don’t regret it…infact, it turned out to be a surprisingly refreshing experience.

After much negotiations by D, apart frm me, A,B,L,R, n D ( say ) made it to Lonavala n bk…

The day din’t start britly at all, n despite my D’s strict instructions, i did get up a bit late, n got even later coz my preparations clashed wid ma sis’ goin 2 skul tym( yea dere wr fites invlvd 2). I reached Seawoods’ stn. ( while also seeing a Pnvl bound local leavin) at abt 8, n contemplated getting on it, but no i’m a nice guy ain’t I,YES!, so i got a ticket n w8ed for da next train. Neways, i reached Panvel( n dis tym every1 incldn my frnd A hd bags, coz bags r kewler), n v w8ed 4 our Lonavala bound train. In the train i kept on bein NICE ( k, no, bt i ws atleast betr den xpected i guess ) …so v carried on wid the usual rituals ov DUMB( ? ) Charades ( yep i ws at my skillful best again ), n LONAVALA came, along wid sum SUPER weather, by 11.

No1 v knew in Lonavala, cmd 2 be interested in helping us out wid directions ( 1 ov ’em hd infact gone on to change his cell no., bt dats a wildd guess)…so v trotted on wid the our leader in B, who vowed us to help us reach the promised waters of Bhushi Dam….

More’s to come ( guess m too sleepy rite nw ), inclding y Rajat Kapoor decided to come o’er n say hi….


14 comments on “The Lonavala Chronicles…

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  2. hey first o all ‘thanx’ for bestowing ur worth comments on my posts..n also for listening to me once n not disclosin are .i must say your page looks well planned due to ur well placed anyhow it drags attention towards ur egarly waitin for ya to continue the trips story..director Kart!

  3. i think u havnt read d buk proprly..cos firstly it aint dat silly..secondly u may not hv noticed dat i hv used MR.ACCOUNTS tag for ‘B,’cos he[b] too a maths genius,just lik Govind,in the buk!n Govind is called the same ove thr!!!
    so stop givin ur unwanted suggestions..huh!

  4. @diva
    the book is silly, very filmy-ishtyle (wich most ppl lyk u wud adore), heavily cliched (ppl wid daddy issues, group ov friends, innocent appearing female lead, narration in the past, n dont even talk ov the final scenesl), n dont ever tell me again dat i havent read well, the critic here analyses well before giving opinions….i praise wats good, n hate (read loathe) wats bad.

  5. well the buk mite nt be ur type,but doesnt mean its the worst buk ever ritten! n more over the name which i tuk dat inspired frm the buk,,matched ma requiremnt for the it aint a bad dont ever say ..”’betr lern to write ”kinda things !

  6. wen did i ever say ‘betr learn to write’ n y r we glorifying chetan bhagat on lonavala posts, wen its Rajat’s place for de limelight?

  7. dont fight for silly issues…over a book.
    The Fact of the matter remains the same that mr. B is a maths genius…
    Now no more arguments…

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