Movie Review: Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Naa

viewed on : 04-07-2008 (release date)

Amateurish! is the first word that comes to my mind when i think of
Jaane Tu, the latest product out of the Aamir Khan production
house, and i surprise myself.

I went to the movie on its release day, expecting some more of that intelligent cinema that Aamir, one of my few last remaining bollywood hopes, has mastered so wonderfully, but found the movie a package full of age-old cliches mixed with cameo gigs revolving around an umpteenth remake of the best friends turned lovers theme.

So, Imran Khan plays Jai Rathore, a harmless guy next door who has a best friend in cat-fighting Aditi( Genelia ), who think they’re great friends, but not made for eachother( despite everyone else believing that ).
Hence, they undertake the cliched path of searching partners for eachother, and end up realizing that they’re infact the only 1s for eachother(as every1 else had known all the time ). Although the side gigs are not all that bad, wid nice parts by Ratna Pathak Shah, Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan, the movie fails to keep u interested, especially through the second half. The dialog delivery through most of the film is very mediocre( esp. Genelia ), and the acting is on occasions over-done, just to emphasize on the cheerful goings-on. The American sitcom style gang of friends approach also fails to provide anything refreshing. AR Rehman’s catchy music is probably the only good part.

Why Aamir, known to be so selective with what he works on, decided to go ahead wid this movie is unknown, and i’m not saying dat it’s gonna repel every1 lyk it repels me( esp. the lovers of masala time pass hindi flicks ), but it just seems to let down on the series of great works coming from Aamir’s production house( read Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, RDB, TZP ). I won’t really recommend ppl to spend 160 bucks lyk i did, but rather make it a 1 time dvd watch, just for the sake of Imran Khan’s debut, who plays his part well enough.

Rating: 6/10 + bad job 4 editing,n dialogues.
Watch out 4: Prateik Babbar ( interesting debut )


4 comments on “Movie Review: Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Naa

  1. it just seems to let down on the series of great works coming from Aamir’s production house( read Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, RDB, TZP )

    Only Lagaan and TZP were produced by Aamir Khan… Not RDB and Dil Chahta Hai… Please get your facts right before you put’em on your blog…


  2. arey,m not sayin dat the muvi ws bad as it is…bt for me ’twas a letdown considering the ppl invlvd wid it

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