Jaane Tu….again!

Ok! i kno every1s ready to bash me up for dis…. after the review i gave it, i’m gonna watch Jaane Tu again, this sunday.N dere’s reasons y i hv to contradict myself (talk of a ‘a 1 time dvd watch’, ‘don’t waste 160 bucks lyk i did’)

1. Fame Adlabs ( Raghuleela ) this morning declared an inaugural offer advertising recliner seats for 100 bucks.

2. My mom n sis had more or less made up their minds on watching this muvi despite the warnings.

3. Sunday is a holiday.

4. Dad asked me if i’d come along, n i ws: “sure! if we’re going 4 recliners”

5. I wasn’t there wen he got the tickets, recliners wr all booked upto Tuesday, we wr goin 4 normal billets.

6. I think all de songs r good.

7. I’m not wasting 160 dis tym, jst 60.

N nw u cn LOLLZZZZ me.

The Lonavala Chronicles…

Due to their strong insistance, the identities ov da celebs involved in dis trip haven’t bin revealed, n infact hv bin replaced by even dumber alphabets.

So we finally managed to have the Alibaug-became Karnala( or ws it Karjat )-became Lonavala trip, huh, n no i don’t regret it…infact, it turned out to be a surprisingly refreshing experience.

After much negotiations by D, apart frm me, A,B,L,R, n D ( say ) made it to Lonavala n bk…

The day din’t start britly at all, n despite my D’s strict instructions, i did get up a bit late, n got even later coz my preparations clashed wid ma sis’ goin 2 skul tym( yea dere wr fites invlvd 2). I reached Seawoods’ stn. ( while also seeing a Pnvl bound local leavin) at abt 8, n contemplated getting on it, but no i’m a nice guy ain’t I,YES!, so i got a ticket n w8ed for da next train. Neways, i reached Panvel( n dis tym every1 incldn my frnd A hd bags, coz bags r kewler), n v w8ed 4 our Lonavala bound train. In the train i kept on bein NICE ( k, no, bt i ws atleast betr den xpected i guess ) …so v carried on wid the usual rituals ov DUMB( ? ) Charades ( yep i ws at my skillful best again ), n LONAVALA came, along wid sum SUPER weather, by 11.

No1 v knew in Lonavala, cmd 2 be interested in helping us out wid directions ( 1 ov ’em hd infact gone on to change his cell no., bt dats a wildd guess)…so v trotted on wid the our leader in B, who vowed us to help us reach the promised waters of Bhushi Dam….

More’s to come ( guess m too sleepy rite nw ), inclding y Rajat Kapoor decided to come o’er n say hi….

Movie Review: Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Naa

viewed on : 04-07-2008 (release date)

Amateurish! is the first word that comes to my mind when i think of
Jaane Tu, the latest product out of the Aamir Khan production
house, and i surprise myself.

I went to the movie on its release day, expecting some more of that intelligent cinema that Aamir, one of my few last remaining bollywood hopes, has mastered so wonderfully, but found the movie a package full of age-old cliches mixed with cameo gigs revolving around an umpteenth remake of the best friends turned lovers theme.

So, Imran Khan plays Jai Rathore, a harmless guy next door who has a best friend in cat-fighting Aditi( Genelia ), who think they’re great friends, but not made for eachother( despite everyone else believing that ).
Hence, they undertake the cliched path of searching partners for eachother, and end up realizing that they’re infact the only 1s for eachother(as every1 else had known all the time ). Although the side gigs are not all that bad, wid nice parts by Ratna Pathak Shah, Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan, the movie fails to keep u interested, especially through the second half. The dialog delivery through most of the film is very mediocre( esp. Genelia ), and the acting is on occasions over-done, just to emphasize on the cheerful goings-on. The American sitcom style gang of friends approach also fails to provide anything refreshing. AR Rehman’s catchy music is probably the only good part.

Why Aamir, known to be so selective with what he works on, decided to go ahead wid this movie is unknown, and i’m not saying dat it’s gonna repel every1 lyk it repels me( esp. the lovers of masala time pass hindi flicks ), but it just seems to let down on the series of great works coming from Aamir’s production house( read Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, RDB, TZP ). I won’t really recommend ppl to spend 160 bucks lyk i did, but rather make it a 1 time dvd watch, just for the sake of Imran Khan’s debut, who plays his part well enough.

Rating: 6/10 + bad job 4 editing,n dialogues.
Watch out 4: Prateik Babbar ( interesting debut )

Barack Obama – An Indian Review

Barack Hussein Obama II might soon go on to become the world’s most powerful man. But what does this Hawaii born African-American Change preacher mean to the Indian Wannabe hip population force??

For starters, in choosing CHANGE, senator Obama means a lot to Indians.

Race might be a hush, denial n oppose topic to the west, but in India, it holds high. The west might see everyone equal, but Indians see whites as whites, n blacks as blacks, infact for most Indians, whites are angrez (foreigners) n blacks negros. N we know we come closer to the latter. An Indian ( like most across Asia, n Africa ) has an automatic favorite for his choice as the next US president, n that has to be senator Obama. We might deny it, n silence it, but in the end the tantalizing idea of seeing a black US president excites us, even if he eventually turns out to be a strong anti-Indian, bcoz dats the only way we think. We don’t want an army guy McCain, to us he’s another Bush, or a celebrity Clinton. We’d love to see Obama up there 9 times outta 10. He’ll always be 1 of our side, the darker side.

The victory of the underdog is another aspect that excites Indians (probably bcoz we’ve long been 1), and seeing a non-existant black suddenly take over the US would be like winning a personal battle. N we luv winning small wars. Then we’ll hv our eyes wide, in anticipation, of how our winner acknowledges us.

Obama’s youth (at 46) raises an Indian’s hope. We look upto our leaders to take cues, to shift power to the youth, we’ve had 70 yr old leaders for too long, n in Obama’s example, we see possibility of change. Whether Obama’ll be able to bring about changes for real, i don’t know, but again the prospect of our way-past-retirement leaders meeting him formally n trying to understand his stand is interesting. To us Obama is cooler.

The US will chose their president next year, but i can foretell, inside every asian, a small tiny percentage of perception towards the US will change, for the good, if Barack Obama is at the helm. Asia, where the US struggles perennially to improve its image, will make US feel a bit more welcome……