The Environmental Approach Problem

Learn as u write:a Kart Riter initiative

Our approach towards the ‘Environmental Problem’ has, in general been fallacious largely owing to the highly eccentric and factuous methods adopted in order to give commercial interests the higher priority.Had we used our discretion better,been more eclectic in our ways, and juxtaposed the problem with other major global issues early, it wouldn’t have raised the serious threats that we face today.

But even still,many nations,and most notably the US,are driven by pecuniary interests. The multi-partisan apathy towards the issue is a still greater cause for concern,,as light at the end of the tunnel gets seemingly dimmer. The world would rather be served better if each individual strived to break out of the prodigal commercial cycle, and instead made a move towards the environmental path.







Juxtaposed:side by side,compared against


Partisan:Belonging to a party

Apathy:Lack of caring

Prodigal:waste of money


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