Movie Review: The Prestige

IMDB-8.4(ranked 89)(as of 26/03/2008)
(viewed someday in summer 2007.)
From director Christopher Nolan(of Memento and Batman Begins fame) comes yet another masterpiece,full of all those twists and turns he’s mastered so well. The Prestige, set in the early 20th century London, is a tale of two Magicians, trying to out-magic one another in a quest to become the greatest.
Nolan once again uses his ever so reliable pairing of Christian Bale and Michael Caine,along with Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson. Christian Bale steals the show with a terrific performance as Alfred Borden,but Jackman also plays his part to perfection. David Bowie and Rebecca Hall play important supporting roles.
Loads of magic tricks keep you interested all the way, but its the excellent storytelling chronology(something Nolan has mastered) ,strong performances by the leads,and anticipation for the final twist that wins it for the movie.Chris Nolan is certainly creating a cult of his own,and I must admit, I’m in.Can’t wait for the Dark Knight…….
9/10 rating+kudos for direction,acting,n screenplay.

2 comments on “Movie Review: The Prestige

  1. I loved Prestige. All of Christopher Nolan’s movies are so good. I really can’t wait to see Dark Knight when it comes out, but I hope Nolan has some other movies coming down the pipe other than Batman sequels. Jonathan Nolan needs a few more writing ideas and then we will have a few more Mementos hopefully. Thanks for the review.

  2. Prestige is truly a brilliant idea, will remain as an all-time favourite…..the dark knight is ever so close…

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