New motives….Movie Review: The Usual Suspects

I’m sorry but i hardly find the motivation to blog………so i believe the best way to motivate meself would be to keep it to something very close to my heart…..i would now be basically be involved with reviewing(nething)[period]

Lets begin with a movie: The Usual Suspects(1995)

-IMDB 8.7 ranked 20(as on 22 March 2008)


(viewed: random night in summer 2K7)

From writer Christopher McQuarrie n director Bryan Singer comes this gem of a movie,a kind of cinema which is rarely made. The movie gave us Keyser Soze n he lives on.

The movie moves around an assortment of small-time felons who were supposedly involved in a big-time drug deal in the past.Kevin Spacey plays a tricky yet vulnerable member(Verbal Kint) who survives the ultimate fatalities of the act, and recollects his memoirs to a pushing customs officer, who’s chasing a highly dangerous although seemingly mythical bad guy.

The direction is ultra cool,with the cameras moving around in all the interesting angles. The members of the lineup(enacted by Stephen Baldwin,Gabriel Byrne,Benecio del Toro,Todd Hockney,and Kevin Spacey),all perform exceptionally well. Its their combo together that makes the story such a great success.

Finally, the greatest movies are always those, which need to be watched again all the way through,to understand what was actually going on the whole time, but there are even greater movies which leave questions even after being watched again n again,movies which urge you to question whether what went on the whole time,did it even happen the way it was supposed to happen(i guess u get it….)??

Don’t miss this fast paced 106 min thriller,its a sure watch ne given life.

10/10 rating+accolades for direction,writing n acting.

(next movie review: The Prestige)


3 comments on “New motives….Movie Review: The Usual Suspects

  1. The Usual Suspects is mine favourite suspense movie 2.
    Do you know any other films which hv Kevin Spacey( the villian)?

  2. @aakarsh, yep it is a true masterpc (esp. Kaizer Souze)…
    u cn watch se7en, or the american beauty, they’re both xcellent muvis s well.

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