Movie Review: The Prestige

IMDB-8.4(ranked 89)(as of 26/03/2008)
(viewed someday in summer 2007.)
From director Christopher Nolan(of Memento and Batman Begins fame) comes yet another masterpiece,full of all those twists and turns he’s mastered so well. The Prestige, set in the early 20th century London, is a tale of two Magicians, trying to out-magic one another in a quest to become the greatest.
Nolan once again uses his ever so reliable pairing of Christian Bale and Michael Caine,along with Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson. Christian Bale steals the show with a terrific performance as Alfred Borden,but Jackman also plays his part to perfection. David Bowie and Rebecca Hall play important supporting roles.
Loads of magic tricks keep you interested all the way, but its the excellent storytelling chronology(something Nolan has mastered) ,strong performances by the leads,and anticipation for the final twist that wins it for the movie.Chris Nolan is certainly creating a cult of his own,and I must admit, I’m in.Can’t wait for the Dark Knight…….
9/10 rating+kudos for direction,acting,n screenplay.

Review:Super Sunday(24/03/2008) was superb!

I was supposed to fly back to Ranchi early morning.The Malaysian Grand Prix.The big 4 of the premiership clashed in the evening.There are a few moments i’d love to share here:

->At around 13.00 IST,my flight was closing in on its destination(Ranchi).We had been flying in bright sunshine,above a thick layer of cloud ever since we left Delhi.I knew, once near Ranchi, the plane would need to descend and pierce the clouds.The anticipation of the moment was too great for me to fall asleep,n God ,it was a really mesmerizing experience,i literally saw the airplane pierce the clouds,and the mist form outside my window,if only i’d been allowed to photograph it,but no electronic devices allowed inside…..:(

->The Malaysian Grand Prix was always gonna be difficult for Mclaren after they were penalized in qualifying,couldn’t catch the action(i ws travelling), but Kimi Raikkonen(Ferrari) won. Fisichella came 12th in what can be called an improved performance by Force India, though my reservations on Sutil still hold after another dismal performance.

-> Finally, the big one

Match 1: Man Utd. vs Liverpool

The game showed the class Man Utd have especially in defense, considering the fact that Torres wasn’t even a shadow of his usual self,constantly under pressure from Ferdinand. Surely Mascherano’s sending off was a pivotal point, although Utd. were firmly in control, both before and after the controversial decision. I would probably go with the red card,but then i’ve generally made no fuss about my dislike for Liverpool.The 3 points mean that Utd. are now firm favourites to win the league, and probably deserve to,considering the quality of attacking football they’ve displayed all season.

Result:Man Utd 3-0 Liverpool

Match 2: Chelsea vs Arsenal

A scorcher of a football game at the Bridge,considering especially the importance the game held for the 2 London rivals.The result was absolutely fantastic (for me and other Chelsea supporters out there), but Arsenal played better until they scored the opening goal in the 59th minute. Chelsea’s love-hate manager Avram Grant knew he was in for battering if he lost this one,even more so because it would bring an end to the legacy laid down by Mourinho, wherein they haven’t lost a home league game in 4 years and 1 month. He brought in Anelka and Belleti in the 70th min. 3 minutes later,a long ball from the latter eventually resulted in the Chelsea equalizer courtesy the ever so reliable Drogba. And Drogba scored the Chelsea winner in the 82nd minute from an Anelka flick-on.The final whistle meant Arsenal have collected only 4 out of the 15 points possible in the last 5 games.But Chelsea have now leapfrogged them to second place in the league……way to go blues.

Result:Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

(blue is the colour)


New motives….Movie Review: The Usual Suspects

I’m sorry but i hardly find the motivation to blog………so i believe the best way to motivate meself would be to keep it to something very close to my heart…..i would now be basically be involved with reviewing(nething)[period]

Lets begin with a movie: The Usual Suspects(1995)

-IMDB 8.7 ranked 20(as on 22 March 2008)


(viewed: random night in summer 2K7)

From writer Christopher McQuarrie n director Bryan Singer comes this gem of a movie,a kind of cinema which is rarely made. The movie gave us Keyser Soze n he lives on.

The movie moves around an assortment of small-time felons who were supposedly involved in a big-time drug deal in the past.Kevin Spacey plays a tricky yet vulnerable member(Verbal Kint) who survives the ultimate fatalities of the act, and recollects his memoirs to a pushing customs officer, who’s chasing a highly dangerous although seemingly mythical bad guy.

The direction is ultra cool,with the cameras moving around in all the interesting angles. The members of the lineup(enacted by Stephen Baldwin,Gabriel Byrne,Benecio del Toro,Todd Hockney,and Kevin Spacey),all perform exceptionally well. Its their combo together that makes the story such a great success.

Finally, the greatest movies are always those, which need to be watched again all the way through,to understand what was actually going on the whole time, but there are even greater movies which leave questions even after being watched again n again,movies which urge you to question whether what went on the whole time,did it even happen the way it was supposed to happen(i guess u get it….)??

Don’t miss this fast paced 106 min thriller,its a sure watch ne given life.

10/10 rating+accolades for direction,writing n acting.

(next movie review: The Prestige)