I Hv no pets!!!!!


Well, i’m new 2 bloggin nd i hv no pets(so many bloggers seem 2 hv them)

Wat u see in da pic is not the ocean,not a river,not a lake……….

its just water on a rain day in mumbai streamin around my place in Mumbai

yeah dats where i live along with another 10 million ppl….all we do in mum. is roam around da place,day n nite nt interested in 1 another??

Well guess dats hw it shud be…..

Nw in the matter ov pets….i never really planned 4 ny pets(dogs,cats,chameleons,cockroaches??)..nno,nt dat i detest animals,but dun like them a lot….no1 at my place does,guess dats only rite(tho my mom who lived in UP during her childhood,does tell me tales of a cat,cows,a dog,2 rabbits that she had as pets(nt cows as pets) during the various places she lived at around UP,nanaji had a transferrable job….).Why i took up pets 2day,idk really,probably had 2 get started wid sumthin…

In mumbai u dun c many animals nywayz…..nw i’m nt alwayz in mum…..infact more dan mumbai,i live in Ranchi(along wid another million ppl i guess).Nw ranchi is very different frm mumbai,animals u can find dere a lots of ’em around my col. campus(cows mostly).

Mumbai has da same climate throughout,Ranchi is Oven n Refrigeratoooooor….

Mumbai has da sea,Ranchi has da trees…

Mumbai has family(n frnds 2),Ranchi has an army(!!) ov frnds..

I like both places,changes may not enlighten u,they sure can excite u.

I’ll be writing more on Hostel(nt da muvis) life,frnds,India,Ranchi,Mumbai,(pets??,no!),Football(Soccer s’il vous plait)

I guess i’m born(2days ma b’day nyhwz) den 4 bloggin, c ya!!


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